Welcome to the TouchCAD 3.6.3 demo! Below you will find demos for both Windows and Mac. Enjoy the demos and let us know if you have any questions!

Tutorial demo movies
Besides downloading the demo, we also suggest a visit to the
Training Movies section of the TouchCAD site.This page also provide sections for:
Getting started
Marine design
Industrial design
Figure modeling
Image unfolding and image mapping on 3D shapes
Reverse engineering and digitizing
Sheet metal design

Demo program downloads
Mac OSX 10.4-10.14 (Intel Macs only)
English - German - Spanish - French - Italian - Swedish - (58,3 Mb) -updated 31/1/12

item10 Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10
nglish - German - Spanish - French - Italian - Swedish -(74.9 Mb)- updated 31/1/12User's manual, brochures
The users manual is included in the demo as a PDF file (
Manuals folder). On Macs the manual can be read with the Preview application, provided by Apple. A free copy of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe.

Brochures: TouchCAD Marine 2013 (1.9 Mb) TouchCAD Fabrics 2013 (1.9 Mb)

Quicktime, important note
Note that Quicktime must be installed on your computer to run TouchCAD and to watch the tutorial movies. A Quicktime installer is included in the Windows version of the demo, or can be downloaded from
here. Mac users can ignore this as Quicktime is a part of the operating system on Macs.

Sample files
Since the demo does not allow you to save files, you may wonder if the files are compatible with your applications. The Compatibility Test Pack contains a set of small sample files in all supported file formats: 3D-, 2D-, Unfolded-, AAMA- DXF, 3D & 2D Vectorworks (Vectorscript). EPSF (Editable Adobe Illustrator), HPGL, STL,. VRML, QD3D (Quickdraw 3D), Sails Science Plotmaker, Artlantis 3-4-4.5-R/Studio, Unfolded images, GHS (for stability calculations for boats, Points in TAB format, Table of Offsets, and TouchScript (TouchCAD's own file format for file conversion). You will find the
Compatibility Test Pack here.

IGES import utility / HASP drivers
Here is a link to the IGES file format importer utility page. Hasp-Mac, Hasp-Win

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