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Lundström Design is a privately owned company founded in 1982 by Claes Lundström and is based in northern Stockholm, Sweden.

Lundström Design started as a marine design company focusing mainly on smaller leisure and workboats. Designs included boats made of wood, plywood, and later on also aluminium. The most spread designs are the Sjöjeepen (Seajeep) line, Alert 42 by Gränges Aluminium, the Scorpio line by Pajala Mekaniska, and the Alma Blue 341 by Landskronavarvet.

Early work also lead to the development of the so called "Foldex method", also referred to as "Origami method", for which Lundström had a granted US patent in the nineteen seventies.

Early work in plywood and aluminium created a need for a specialized software, allowing precise 3D modeling as well as unfolding of complex shapes. This lead to early versions of TouchCAD, which started to evolve in the mid nineteen eighties.

Today Lundström Design provide extensive consulting services in 3D modeling, rendering and visualization services, marine design and unfolding / unwrapping calculations of both surface and image unfolding.

Lundström Design is the developer and publisher of TouchCAD 3.6 and Touch-3D 2.1. The first steps in this line of program were taken in 1985. Touch-3D 1.0 was introduced in 1993, as a stripped down utility version of the original TouchCAD versions. Touch-3D 2.0 was introduced three years later. TouchCAD 3.0 for the Mac and Windows platforms was introduced in 2003.

We also provide drawing, 3D-modeling, rendering and visualization services, and have extensive knowledge in VectorScript programming.

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